22 July 2016

Let the Activities Commence!

Wooohooo!! Yes! that's right, you heard me correctly - Wooohoo!!
The Summer holidays are here - today is the first day for my eldest boy, after a year of hard work, reading, forgetting his Book Club bookmark, losing his plimsols, finding only the left one again to be free and wild and shout his little heart out in the garden.

Having two boys, one turning three last Saturday and a very activity orientated 6 year old, I am on a serious mission to have an organised summer holiday. I am still working nights during the week (but only short shifts) so a bit of planning should allow it all to run a little smoother whilst I down a (cold...) cup of tea to keep me going. 

I have also compiled a bit of a list regarding various event days local to me (Margate, Kent) to give us extra options throughout the week.
We all have great expectations for memory filled days of a long got summer. In reality, we get can become bored, tired and bedraggled  - SO let's get organised.

I want to add a menu plan template with meal ideas that will allow you to keep it interesting.

This post is the start of several that I shall be posting (I simply can't cram it all into one post) about what I have planned with the boys for the next 7 weeks.

Where I can I shall be linking some GREAT blogs, so be sure to pop over and say hi!

Best place to start, I feel, is a planner. I can hear the sigh from some of you - no! no more paperwork! But N no, don't panic, it'll be ok, I am using a planner to get all the messy, half-baked ideas and activities out of my head and onto paper so we have a fall back plan for those days that we need some guidance.

The first activity I will mention is the Dino Park at Westwood Cross, Margate. It starts on Saturday 23rd July. and the best bit...it is totally FREE! Yep - you heard me, FREE!

My next post will be on the free activities you can do with the kids this holiday, so watch out for that one or better yet subscribe to the blog ;)

09 January 2016


Hello & Welcome to my new baking blog. Finally I have managed to squeeze it in amongst baking, school runs and pairing ENDLESS pairs of odd socks! 
This blog* is aimed at anyone who likes to bake, new to baking, old hat to baking, those who like cakey inspired goodies, baking with kids (or without!). As a mum of two, I will also be adding product reviews, crafty projects and ideas for kids young and old alike.

Thank you for stopping by and having a peek at what I have to offer. If you are in charge of little people I should imagine you may be on the loo looking at this right now or gulping down what you thought was a hot cuppa...

To celebrate the launch of Rachieroo Mum of Two I am offering the chance to win some fabulous goodies.

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Prize 1

Box of Goodies from Iced Jems
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A fabulously fun and funky Ice cream Cone Night Light (battery operated LED light)
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A delicious double chocolate cupcake treat (190g) from Thorntons

The Give Away will run until 23rd January and then a winner shall be randomly drawn. For full terms and conditions please check the link.

Happy Baking! 

*Please note that these posts will occasionally contain affiliate links. This means that (at no additional cost to you) should you use a link and then purchase an item I will receive a small payment from that business. Other links to sites will be just that, a mutual share from page to page. 

29 December 2015

MimiCafe Union Modelling Class

Hosted at Iced Jems 

Back in November I was extremely lucky to book onto a course with no other then Sachiko Windbiel from Mimi Cafe Union. The utterly lovely Jemma from Iced Jems hosted Sachiko's Autumn Couple.

Now...I have a little confession. My name is Rachael and I *deep breath* am a CAKE STALKER.
I'm sure there are many of you out there reading this and thinking 'OMG!..that's like me!' 
I have a couple of photos with other Cake Royalty as well from Cake International in London back in March 2015. I think I may have to add a special gallery for you to submit your pics with Cake Royalty. Maybe even send out a little prize or two?
This class was utterly amazing! Sachiko is a natural teacher with a quick and witty sense of humour.
You never stop learning as a cake decorator. Although I have currently stopped taking cake orders I am always trying to improve.

As a Co-conspirator of the Depressed Cake Shop I delivered a little package to another Co-conspirator including a limited edition DCS Cupcake Necklace. 
Please check out the link for further information about the Depressed Cake Shop.